Letter for Parents:
Dear Families:
At Rhymes & Reasons we promise to give you the best care possible. We will make a commitment to you to always put your child first. We take pride in offering a well balanced program for Early Childhood. Our staff is experienced and enthusiastic about working with children. All of our staff participates in various workshops to keep updated on all the new teaching methods. We work hands on with you to meet the needs of your child. Our philosophy is one that places a great deal of value on family partnerships.

All families with children enrolled here are invited to visit at any time throughout the day without securing prior approval from us. We welcome visits from our families.

As Director I assure you that each child enrolled here receives exceptional care. Each child is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. Children learn what they live.

I would be more than happy to set up a personalized tour of our facility at a time that is convenient for you. I encourage you to meet our staff and observe our classes. I can always be reached and welcome all requests to view our center.

Yours truly,

Miss Marisa


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Discipline Policy

The word discipline comes from the Old French and Latin meaning to teach and learn. It can also indicate a field of study, training, that corrects or molds etc.

Here at Rhymes and Reasons we use Positive reinforcement. We love catching the children doing something good!

We will give the children a clear explanation of what is expected of them. We will give gentle reminders throughout the day.

When a child misbehaves we will try and explain to them what they are doing wrong. We will work with the child in rectifying the situation. Our goal is to teach the child to resolve conflicts on their own. If unacceptable behavior persists we will try redirection. We do use “time out” but only as a last resort. Time out will never be more than one minute per age. If children are separated from group they will be supervised.

The staff also models appropriate behavior. Children learn primarily by example.

Rhymes & Reasons NEVER uses corporal punishment. We do not yell, hit, or hurt the children in any way. We no not ridicule or withhold food or water. Children are never disciplined for failure to eat, sleep, or soiling themselves. Children are not asked to stay silent for lengthy periods.

Any behavior problems will be discussed with the parents/guardians.