Letter for Parents:
Dear Families:
At Rhymes & Reasons we promise to give you the best care possible. We will make a commitment to you to always put your child first. We take pride in offering a well balanced program for Early Childhood. Our staff is experienced and enthusiastic about working with children. All of our staff participates in various workshops to keep updated on all the new teaching methods. We work hands on with you to meet the needs of your child. Our philosophy is one that places a great deal of value on family partnerships.

All families with children enrolled here are invited to visit at any time throughout the day without securing prior approval from us. We welcome visits from our families.

As Director I assure you that each child enrolled here receives exceptional care. Each child is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. Children learn what they live.

I would be more than happy to set up a personalized tour of our facility at a time that is convenient for you. I encourage you to meet our staff and observe our classes. I can always be reached and welcome all requests to view our center.

Yours truly,

Miss Marisa


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Dear Rhymes & Reasons,

I don't know where to begin. I'll never forget the anxiety I had when I called to schedule a tour of the facility and the absoulute relief I felt when Steven fell in love witht he place, teachers, and kids! All of you guys at Rhymes & Reasons are so incredible friendly and warm.

You all have done so much to bring my sweet , shy Steven out of his shell. As you have said, he is so much more confident now. He's able to communicate his needs and feelings. He gets excited about learning new things.

Miss Jill, you are an icredible teacher! The depth of your care and concernshows through in everything you do with the kids and with my Steven. Even the staff at Bixby Elementary School in Bogota were amazed that you took the time to come be a part of Steven's evaluation that day. It meant to much for us that you were there that day to help us throught he process. The fact that your still willing to help us with the kindergatedn transition after Steven leaves the school amazes me! The kids at Rhymes & Reasons are so lucky to have you as there educator. The impact you have made in Steven's lifa and in ours cannot be oput into words.

Steven and we as his family, will miss you and everyone else at the school dearly. I promise to bring him to visit when we can so this is not a good bye, It's THANK YOU and see you later!


~This is a reference letter regarding my son Karmelo who is currently enrolled at Rhymes and Reasons Child Care. My son has been attending there since January, 2014. He had just turned 3 years old at the time and we knew it was time for him to be around other children and interact with them. My husband and I are very happy with the care our son has received and how much he has learned. His teachers, Miss Sylwia and Miss Suzanne have been excellent with him. My son was the type of child that was very shy and a little timid. A month after attending Rhymes & Reasons, we noticed such a big change in him. He became much more social and outgoing. We've seen even more of his personality, his level of confidence has grown and how much more outspoken he is ever since he moved up to Pre-k ll, in Mrs Jill's class. She has also been an excellent teacher. He will definitely miss her when he goes to kindergarten in September. The school does so many activities with the children whether it's during the summer or school year. Their school curriculum is great overall. The news letters that the teachers email to the parents are very helpful and keeps us updated on what they've been learning and what they will be learning the following week etc.. The communication between the parents and teachers is also great whether it's through email or phone calls. The whole staff at Rhymes & Reasons is very friendly and they're amazing with the children. I couldn't imagine my son being at any other preschool. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone whether they have an infant or a toddler. 

~~After a not so pleasant "first experience" with our daughter's first nursery school, we decided to try Rhymes & Reasons and couldn't be more happier that we did!  Our daughter's transition into this school has been amazing and so easy.  The teachers really honestly care about their kids and it shows.  They are constantly having activities and learning a bunch of different things; our daughter comes back with a new story to tell each day.

We cannot thank all the staff at Rhymes and Reasons for their help in making our second experience at giving it another try a more than satisfactory one.  The communication they provide and feedback with no hesitation is appreciated, especially to parents who are experiencing the whole school situation for the first time. Our daughter loves going to school now, has made new friends and loves her teachers and we are so happy that this new, positive experience has wiped out the first completely!
Natalia Campos

~Last summer, I was browsing online looking for nearby daycares for my 3.6 years old girl as she was totally unhappy in her previous one. I came across Rhymes and Reasons, and the reviews were all positive. I contacted them and I instantly felt their professionalism and enthusiasm.
This is my daughter's third month at Rhymes and Reasons, and since day one she loved the place. I could tell already that her personality and skills developed a lot since she joined. All the staff members are really professional, enthusiastic and attentive to each kid's needs. During the first week, I used to call to check that my daughter was adapting well and I was amazed at the detailed feedback I received from Assistant Director and Class Teacher Mrs. Jill and her care in allocating my kid to the class that best suited her skills.  
The place is really clean, organized and has both indoor and outdoor play areas. The classes are equipped with all materials that the kids need for learning, playing, and making art. Both Mrs. Marisa and Mrs. Jill maintain regular communication with the parents, through emails, parent-teacher conferences, and events/parties. The curriculum is very rich and organized, and the parents are kept informed weekly of what the kids learned. There are also lots of "extracurricular" activities incorporated into the day, such as Yoga, Zumba, Music, Ballet, Soccer, Computer. I truly feel that Rhymes and Reasons is a "home away from home". 



My daughter Jaelyn has been attending Rhymes and Reasons for over 2 years and we love it! After her first day care center closed down I reviewed & visited over 10 child care centers before deciding on Rhymes & Reasons. I chose R & R because they have a wonderful reputation in the community; it's located in a clean, safe & lively building, plus they have enclosed indoor & outdoor play spaces and small classes. From my first meeting with the Assistant director Ms.Jill I could tell that the staff were friendly, caring & committed to providing a fun & positive learning environment for the children. My daughter's teachers are amazing and always available to give updates on her academic & social progress. In addition the director Ms. Marisa incorporates various new and exciting classes in the curriculum, informs the parents of many child centered community resources and always includes families in the various school activities. Overall I am extremely happy with the care that my daughter receives at Rhymes & Reasons and highly recommend them.

Korentha Farrell ( Jaelyn's Mom)


~~To Whom It May Concern:

 Parenthood is hard. Trying to find a place for your children to learn and grow doesn’t make the job easier. There are many things to consider and it can make your head spin. When considering a school for my son I knew that I wanted him to not just be another nameless student. I wanted him to belong to a community that was dedicated to him growing and learning as well has having fun and remaining safe while his father and I are at work.  
 My son has been attending Rhymes and Reasons in Teaneck NJ for a year and a half. During this time I have had the joy to watch my son flourish. He is lead by teachers with passion and I never have a doubt in my mind that he is protected. The school is consistent with its curriculum and rules while having an open door policy. I can drop in at any time unannounced if I want to! Here children are constantly engaged in play that teaches them their colors, numbers, vocabulary, as well as belonging, sharing, and leadership. Call me old fashioned but I believe that children learn best by getting up and DOING. I am happy to report that Rhymes and Reasons enriches its students with the same philosophy – there are no TVs there but there IS fresh air, toys, finger paint, and friendship!

Samantha Kunis


After countless and tireless searches for a daycare suitable for my toddler, I received a recommendation to check out Rhymes and Reasons Daycare. The second I stepped into the building, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, and the director was very warm and receptive. After a very informative discussion about the programs and activities available at the center, I knew this was exactly the place I wanted my toddler to attend. As any concerned parent leaving their child for the first time, it was disheartening to see the nervous look on my child’s face, but the staff at Rhymes and Reasons was (are) always very diligent and communicate constantly with the parents. We receive weekly updates regarding my child’s progress and weekly pictures of all their activities such as Zumba, dance and music. There is never a moment in the 2 years that my child has been there that I have ever questioned the safety and care of the staff/facility. My daughter loves her teachers and her development and communication skills have improved significantly. It is my child’s second home and I am so happy to have found such a wonderful place!

Tama Harris McPhatter


~~Rhymes and Reasons,
This school has not only provided excellent care for my child the past year, it has exceeded all our expectations.  We have noticed a positive change in our son.  He has always been good boy, but he has added on to his qualities.  He is able to freely express himself using words that he wasn’t using the prior year.  He will recall stories from circle time and really understand the comprehension of the story. It’s wonderful to see the friendship he has created, and many he will continue to have after he leaves. It definitely is the best feeling to come home and have him run up to me excitedly to tell me about his day in school.
 Teachers have a huge impact on each child’s lives and I am so grateful that my son’s first school experience was with Rhymes and Reason because you have left a positive impact on my son’s outlook for school. It was the conversations, the friendly smiles, the compliments, and the encouragement from all the teachers that meant the most to Dael. These memories he created will be with him for a very long time, shaping his personality and his thoughts. We appreciate everything Rhymes and Reasons have done! We will recommend this school to everyone who is not only looking for the best child care, but looking for teachers who care about each student as an individual and as a whole. Thank you Ms. Marissa, Ms. Jill, Ms. Jen, Ms. Victoria, Ms. Suzanne, and all the teachers who make Rhymes and Reasons feel like a family.

 Elisa Quinche
 Dael Quinche


Rhymes and Reasons:

 I enrolled my son Christian Moss into Rhymes & Reasons in February of 2014. I have nothing but great things to say about the school. Mrs. Marisa Schaefer who is the director is the nicest, sweetest person ever. As soon as I met with her on my tour of the school I felt such a warm, home like feeling. I quickly knew I had made the right choice by picking Rhymes & Reasons. My son Christian loves all of the staff and he has made lots of new friends. I noticed such an improvement in my son’s behavior and learning ability. I love how the school provides each parent with a monthly calendar of daily activities for each day of the week. The fact that I receive daily emails of what my son is up to attached with pictures is the coolest thing. Every day at Rhymes and Reasons is a learning experience for my son. I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants the best, fun learning experience for their child.

Mrs. Denise Moss



Dear Marissa:
I wanted to take some time to tell you how grateful and happy we are with our experience at Rhymes and Reasons and Julian’s experience with all your staff. We came to Rhymes and Reasons from another day care and town with lots of ambivalence and fears on how our move was going to impact Julian. He had been in his previous school since he was 18 months and had gotten closely attached to many of the staff. We felt like home and left the school with some sadness.
You and your staff made the transition so easy. Allowing us to tour and visit the school before Julian begun his full week was so helpful. Julian did experience some separation anxiety even thought it was mild. Your suggestion that maybe we can institute a ritual where he could wave goodbye through his classroom window was instrumental in helping him feel supported in his new setting. We now have this ritual every morning and as I see his little hand wave goodbye from his classroom and my heart feels sad that I have to say goodbye for the day, I also feel the comfort that he is being cared for by the best staff and that he is getting such a rewarding experience in school that I can’t help it but to drive away with a smile.
Everyone including Miss. Kate, Miss. Ivan , Miss Suzanne and Miss Jill are so committed to his care and learning. I see how his personality has taken form as he feels reassured that he can be himself and his skills and talents are rewarded. I joke commonly with his teachers that it makes no sense for me to arrive early to pick him up as he is never ready to leave school. I hear every-day “Mommy 3 more minutes”, as he diligently tries to complete a lego project, listen to a story, complete his play dough “meal”. He is truly immersed in the activities and his creativity runs wild at Rhymes and Reasons. 
Julian suffers from allergies and respiratory issues. His symptoms can be chronic and quite cumbersome to manage. However, all of your staff have shown as sincere concern in making sure his eczema is controlled and maintaining constant communication with us on how his reacting during the day and if you see improvement in his symptoms. I find this level of communication so enriching. From what my son has learned during the day, to pictures of his extracurricular activities and his health, I feel like I am there with him every day. It also allows me to further his learning by following the same themes his learning at school. This week for example, he showed me his latest yoga and Kung Fu moves, he expressed an interest in planting for spring and wanted to read all the Dr. Seuss books during the month of February (Dr. Seuss birthday theme week). These are all lessons learned at school that had a lasting impact. I love the way your curriculum incorporates the world around them in the classroom.
I am also very happy with your policies. They are clear and as a parent I know exactly what is expected of me. You are vigilant about illness and have a strict sick policy which I personally value. There is no better health policy than prevention.
In a nutshell, I can’t be happier with the level of care and the stimulus to learn that he is receiving at Rhymes and Reasons. I know that Julian will continue to flourish here. I will recommend your school to anyone looking for quality day care at an affordable cost. What Julian and our family get at Rhymes and Reasons cannot be found in any of the chain day cares or competitors within our area. Believe me, we searched and found no comparison. Thank you so much for all you do.
Warm regards,
Kaarin, Julian’s mom.




July 2013

Dear Ms. Marisa,

            It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago I walked into your building inquiring about your preschool program.  With the last of my girls recently “graduating” from Rhymes and Reasons, I feel a little bit like we’ve left our family behind.  Over the past 3 years, my two girls have had the privilege of being cared for and taught by many of the professional and nurturing staff members that comprise the Rhymes and Reasons family.

            Deciding to make the switch from a daycare that we had been using for years (with our older son and for the girls when they were infants) was tough for us.    We were nervous about leaving behind a staff that knew our family well but also wanted to put our girls in a school that was closer to home.   We had heard many great things about the program at Rhymes and Reasons and enjoyed learning about the program during our tour so we enrolled Maggie and Emily.

            Within the first few days, any nervousness we may have had disappeared.  Even my super, shy Emily was loving her days at school.  The girls were coming home and telling us about all the fun and exciting things they did each day.  We were receiving daily reports from the teachers that worked with our daughters and felt very welcome in our new school.  Parent/teacher communication was very consistent and effective.  The teachers were always accessible and happy to talk to us.  Even though big brother Sean did not attend Rhymes and Reasons, the staff there treated him like he was one of theirs.

            Over the three years that my daughters attended school at Rhymes and Reasons many magical things happened.  My girls developed lasting friendships, became even more enthusiastic about learning, participated in many enriching activities including yoga, soccer and Lisa La La’s sing along classes, and simply put, learned to LOVE school.  I watched each of my daughters flourish during their time at Rhymes and Reasons, educationally and socially.  Each classroom teacher took the time to get to know my children well, to play up their strengths and to develop activities that would help each child grow.

            This September, my baby enters kindergarten.  I know that she is heading off to grade school with self-confidence and a mastery of all the skills necessary to have a great year thanks to her wonderful experience at Rhymes and Reasons.  Her big sister is off to first grade this year and ready to hit the ground running.   We will miss our Rhymes and Reasons family dearly and are tremendously thankful for the time we spent together.

Thank you for everything!


The Tadiello Family


Rhymes & Reasons Daycare Center 687 Larch Avenue Teaneck, NJ 07666 Dear Miss Schaefer, My wife and I would like to thank you and your staff so much for taking such good care of our son Ethan. We were very pleased with the love and care that you have shown him while he was in your care. We felt very comfortable with the love and safety you provided for Ethan. He was always so excited to go to school and play with his friends and teachers. The activities that he participated in gave him great joy and stimulation. The Zumba classes, yoga, and soccer practice all helped him learn about teamwork, sharing and patience. They gave him a lot of confidence and self-esteem. Similarly, what we were most impressed with was how you and your staff fostered his reading, writing and mathematical skills. We worked with him a lot at home, so it very encouraging when he would come home excited about what he learned at school. “Themes of the Week” truly impacted him, as well as the book club, and learning new sight words. This reinforced our efforts at home and strengthened our faith in Rhymes & Reasons. Concerning your staff, I would only say that for a people who have probably had much professional success, they are self-effacing and very easy to communicate with. My interactions with them have always been exemplary: direct, uncomplicated, and informed by generosity and good will. They are scrupulously honest, timely, hard-working, and well-organized. I would highly recommend Rhymes & Reasons to any of my friends, family and colleagues. You have a wonderful establishment and we wish you continued success in the future. Sincerely, Marie & Franklyn Myal



Dear Potential Rhymes and Reasons Families, My journey with Rhymes and Reasons began a little over 10 years ago. Back in 2002 Miss Marissa was the teacher in my son Jordan’s class. At 4 years old, Jordan was full of energy and could really be a handful. Jordan learned and blossomed at Rhymes and Reasons. With patience and care from his teachers he developed a love of school and learning that remains to this day. Jordan graduated from Rhymes and Reasons in 2003. In 2004 my son Destin came along. When it came time for daycare, there was no question for us. Destin too would join the Rhymes and Reasons family. Destin did well at school and really enjoyed his time there. It was the staff at Rhymes and Reasons who first noticed that Destin might have a speech delay. My oldest child never stopped talking so I was thrilled to have a nice quiet boy. Turns out Destin’s teachers were right and we were able to get him the speech therapy he needed. Just when we were all done having babies, Travis showed up! Travis joined our family in 2007. He joined the Rhymes and Reason’s family in 2010. Travis is painfully shy and I honestly wasn’t sure how well he’d do. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Travis graduates from Rhymes and Reasons next week and he’s done just GREAT! Our kids all learned songs, had adventures and made new friends. More than anything though they felt cared for at school and liked they belonged. Over the years several important factors have remained consistent. The teachers and staff are professional, loving and committed and the administration is hands on and responsive. I can’t recommend Rhymes and Reasons daycare highly enough! Thank you Shalom and Kathy Woods ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************



 Dear Miss Marisa,

 We wanted to send a note of thanks for the amazing care and education that our child has been receiving in the PreK1 class for the past two years. As you know, we came to you from another childcare center, a place that was safe and clean and developmentally appropriate, but was no longer working out for us. I thought that when we sought a new daycare it would be similar to the place we had left. How different could two daycares be? Well, the moment we walked into Rhymes and Reasons we knew immediately that we were totally wrong!
We saw how incredibly different your school is than the others we had visited or sent our children to. We realized that there did, in fact, exist a daycare/preschool that believed children should spend lots of time playing outside. We discovered there was actually a daycare and preschool program in Teaneck with engaged, educated teachers whose love and enthusiasm for children was obvious... A school where our child would know he was a valued member of a learning community and would be encouraged in his creativity and his social and emotional growth.
Our child entered the program with language delays and I believe his being in the PreK1 classroom was as much a part of his quickly reaching and exceeding his developmental and language goals as was his Early Intervention provider, who you accommodated with so much ease.
The excellent communication between home and school that we have found at Rhymes & Reasons has been a big part of what makes it so wonderful to have our child there. We are always "kept in the loop." We always know what was going on in the classroom, we love constantly seeing new artwork our child created or hearing new songs he learned. We know if there's any kind of issue during the school day, of any size - Or even something funny our child said - we will hear about it via an e-mail or phone call or in person when we pick him up.
Of course the biggest strength of any daycare or school is the teachers! We have been consistently impressed with them. The integrated, thematic curriculum allows the children to explore topics like butterflies or volcanoes in depth in every area of their day - Reading topical books, doing art projects and science projects and learning songs that relate to the theme. Our child comes home so excited about what he is doing and learning at school and feels loved by his teachers.
Thank you for taking such good care of our son and for the role you have all played in helping him grow into an articulate, confident, and happy child who is excited to go to school every day!
Tovah & Family


To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Gwen McKenzie and I work full-time as a pharmacy technician and my husband is also employed full-time. As working parents we had to enroll our two year old son in school. Luckily it was an easy choice for us because we’ve crossed this bridge before with our daughter. 
We chose Rhymes and Reasons as the school for our daughter three years ago and it was obvious it would be the only choice for our son. We love this facility for a number of reasons.   The teachers and directors are very friendly and have always made us feel welcome. 
For example I like to stay and play with my son before I leave him for the day and the teachers are more than accommodating. Their open door policy makes me feel welcome at any time. It’s quite clear my son is happy there, when it’s time to pick him up he doesn’t want to leave, just like my daughter never wanted to leave either. This would make any parent feel like they've made the right decision in their choice of a school.
Another reason I recommend Rhymes and Reasons is because they send daily notes and keep me up to date on everything he does during the day (including pictures!). It's always exciting to see what they did each day.   

I highly recommend Rhymes and Reasons. Not only will the staff be friendly, caring, reliable, but you know your child will be safe. Every visitor must be announced and buzzed in to enter the facility. As a parent you know how important it is to know your child is safe at all times, especially when they're not in your care. 

I couldn't give a higher recommendation of a child care facility.


 Gwen McKenzie
Dear Miss Marisa,
We wanted to take a moment to thank you and your amazing staff at Rhymes & Reasons for the wonderful care you provide for our children. Kayra has been with you for almost a year now and in that year, we have seen her grow intellectually and emotionally by leaps and bounds. We often do double takes at things she talks about because they seem to be so beyond the scope of what we feel a normal 3 year old would say, but when we hear the other children in her class speak, we realize that it’s the norm for a Rhymes & Reasons kid. In addition to thanking you for teaching our daughter so many wonderful things, we have to thank you for taking such great care of our baby boy, Kayden. We were so nervous about leaving him at a daycare (even one as wonderful as yours!) at such a young age.   He was just barely 3 months old on his first day there! However, at the end of his first week there, our fears were gone. We could see he was very well cared for and loved just as much as if we’d left him with a relative. 
All of your staff is very friendly, courteous and professional, but we feel that we should especially recognize Miss Bonnie, Miss Anita, Miss Suzanne, and Miss Victoria in working directly with Kayra. She loves all of them to pieces and is always happy to go back to school every week. All of them are happy to answer all our questions and never seem bothered by it at all. We’d also like to recognize Miss Silvina and Miss Yvonne for taking such wonderful care of Kayden. He smiles at them every time he sees them and it’s very obvious that they love him, too. 
Finally, our letter wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t especially recognize you and Miss Judy for the outstanding job you both do, not just in managing the ins and outs of the facility, but also stepping in as a teacher and caretaker anytime it’s necessary. We love the hands on approach you both have and we are so grateful to you both for the many times you’ve sat with us and discussed different options when unforeseen circumstances have arisen. You are always happy to take the time to talk to us even when it’s quite obvious you’re ridiculously busy. You both keep your friendly and professional demeanor even in the face of adversity and we greatly admire you for it.
So once again, thanks for all you and your wonderful teachers do for our family. We would recommend Rhymes & Reasons to any parent looking for a home away from home for their children…in fact, we already have! We look forward to the next few years to see how Kayra and Kayden will continue to develop and grow under your care.
Yolmi & Eddie Rivera



Dear Marisa:
I would like to start off by saying that it has been a pleasure
having our son with you and your staff for the past 3 years.
Your staff has been very professional in all aspects of caring for and educating our son.
We started with you when our son was about 9 months old and he is now approaching the age of 4 in the next few months, and his social skills and communication skills have improved gradually yet greatly in a relatively short amount of time, he is very familiar with colors and numbers as well as shapes and identifying pictures of many different things.
We are grateful for all  that you and your staff have done and how you have handled every situation with our son and us, you have accommodated us when in need and treated us with the utmost respect. We look forward to the coming year with Rhymes and Reasons.
Richard & Ta


Ms. Marisa Schaefer,

We would like to thank you and your staff for making our daughter Gianna's first pre-school experience a great one .   We are extremely satisfied with the care that is provided .  My daughter Gianna comes home with stories, knowledge and laughter which makes my heart melt.  We have never left Gianna with anybody except family for short periods of time and the transition was comforting.  I did visit the center a couple of times before to familiarize my daughter with the surroundings.  I think this helped because on the first day she adapted quite well.  My daughter attends dance class and started Kid Yoga she is enjoying it so much.  The family involvement in school events is a great touch.  The entire staff has the best interest of the child therefore making them all approachable which is comforting to a parent. 

We see a big change in our daughter's vocabulary and her social skills is amazing.   I see the loving care from the staff and my child feels it too.  We are  happy that we decided to have her attend Rhymes & Reasons.
Kind Regards,

Michele Rookwood



To whom it may concern:

As both my husband and I work full-time, we needed a childcare provider for our one-year-old son
beginning summer of 2010. We researched several early learning centers in the area and were
impressed with the educational opportunities that Miss Marisa and the staff of Rhymes and Reasons
could provide for our son.
Our son felt completely safe and secure at Rhymes and Reasons. The staff offered many educational
activities as well as numerous activities to work on gross and fine motor skills. The kindness and
patience shown to all of the children enrolled in Rhymes and Reasons is outstanding. The center is
always clean and kept childproof
The staff is clearly trained to work with students of a wide variety of educational needs. In the fall of
2010, we were alerted during one of Rhymes and Reasons Parent-Teacher Conferences that we
might want to have our son evaluated by Early Intervention. We are forever thankful for these
observations, as it aided in ensuring our son was promptly and correctly diagnosed to receive special
education services offered by Early Intervention and the Township of Teaneck. Our son's therapists
were able to work with our son at Rhymes and Reasons in both a one-on-one and group setting with
other children. He has thrived since receiving these services and is currently a full participating
student in all of the activities offered In the Pre-K I class at Rhymes and Reasons.
Overall, we highly recommend Miss Marisa and the staff at Rhymes and Reasons as an early
learning center for any other family in search of a safe, reliable, and trustworthy facility to send their
child. With their background, experience, and strong abilities to connect with children, they can
definitely offer everything a family would be looking for in a provider.
Edward and Erika Angley



To whom it may concern,
I am writing in reference to Rhymes & Reasons where my son has attended for the past 6 months. During that time, Julian increased his knowledge and vocabulary immensely. When he first started, Julian did not know how to write many letters correctly and before we knew it, he came home being able to write the full alphabet along with being able to write his name. We ask him everyday what he learned at school and he always has many new things to tell us. We feel very confident that this school is preparing him perfectly to enter Kindergarten.
We would highly recommend Rhymes and Reasons to any parent looking for an excellent daycare/pre-school.
Joseph DeAngelus



Hi Marissa,
We would like to thank you and your staff for taking good care of Mustafa. We got to know about your daycare through Mustafa's therapy teachers. And i must say that your institute surpassed all our expectations. The notable thing is all the programs you have for kids on a daily basis. This has helped Mustafa in a lot of aspects, be it arts, social skills, physical activities and other motor skills. We have recommended Rhymes and Reasons to a lot of our friends who have kids.

We would specially like to thanks Miss angie for taking care of Mustafa in every way possible. She is very nice and caring and we are very grateful for her service.
One more good thing i would like mention is that your school accommodates the therapies for special kids. This is a very rare find for us.
You and your team get 10/10 :)

-tehzeena (Mom)



I have been meaning to write you a letter of reference and it's slipped my mind until now.  This letter is for parents who are thinking of sending their kids to Rhymes and Reasons:
My name is Kathy Woods and I have 3 sons who have attended Rhymes and Reasons.  My oldest son Jordan started R&R back in 2002 when he was 4 years old.  Jordan was super hyper back then and was quite a handful.  We were looking for a calmer life and better schools when we left New York and moved to Teaneck.  Jordan's first teacher was Miss Marissa.  She was sweet and kind to Jordan but always firm and direct.  He flourished under her care.
In 2004 my son Destin was born.  I looked at a few daycares in the area, but really nothing came close to the care and value that I knew my child would get at Rhymes and Reasons.  In 2006 Destin entered the 2 year old class.  He eagerly learned his colors, numbers, letters and shapes.  It was Destin's teacher who first pointed out that she thought he might have a hearing problem.  As it turns out, Destin had a profound speech delay.  The teachers and staff were really wonderful in terms of accomodating his speech and other therapies.  Soon Destin was off to public school to receive the extra help he needed.
This year, our youngest son Travis was ready for school.  At 4 years old Travis had never been away from his brothers, nanny or parents.  To be honest I was not sure how he would do in a school setting.  He's not such a fan of new experiences. 
Travis has been at his new school for about 2 months now.  This weekend he woke up on Sunday morning and asked if he could go to school.  I reminded him that it was Sunday and he got very sad.  I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he wanted to go to Rhymes and Reasons.  It's been 10 years and it's amazing to see that this school is still awesome!   
I'm happy to have had such a long relationship with this school and with Miss Marissa!  It is a warm and nurturing place and I could not recommend them more highly!
Thank you
Kathy Woods






     My son has been attending Rhymes and Reasons' pre-K since last fall and I couldn't be more pleased with the school and with his progress. Everyone who interacts with him there-- from his regular teachers, to the music and dance instructors, to the teachers of other age groups we meet in passing-- seem like caring, attentive, warm people. I'm especially impressed with my son's main teacher, Miss Jill. She clearly puts a lot of thought and creativity into each day.  Lately my son has been writing the alphabet over and over, and it tickles me that he calls it "Miss Jill's alphabet" (as in, "Mama, what comes after 't' in Miss Jill's alphabet?").  With neighborhood walks, science experiments, and art projects galore... my son loves going to school, and I love seeing how his world is expanding. 






Mrs. Schaefer,


I thank you for having such an event that includes us parents with our children in their daily activities.  I know Heather and I enjoyed our lunch with Justin (as we do at home), but the fact that we were able to do it in "his" environment, I know really made it a positive experience for him as well. I think it's very important for every parent to participate their child's school activities,.... but more important to just "be involved" in all that your child does period!!  So thank you again! It's a team effort between parents and teachers.  A lot of parents believe that it's the teachers job to raise their children...but it's not.  Teachers just reinforce what's right, and teach children things outside of the home which are crucial and beneficial for life today and for the rest of their lives!!!.  So there is the utmost respect for what you and your staff do!!!  Thank you!!


Thank you and your staff for all you do...and have done for both of our children.  You and your staff are the best in the business in my book!!


Very Respectfully,


David W. Coleman
                                       DR. EDWARD C. MEIER
Mrs. Marisa Schaefer
Rhymes & Reasons
Dear Mrs. Schaefer,
We never want to take for granted the outstanding care you give to the “love of our lives” Madison Meier. It has been about a year since we have entrusted our sweet Madison with your care. You and your staff have been exceptional in working with us and taking such extra special care of our dear daughter! You have been outstanding in addressing her specific needs and always accommodating our requests. We feel so very comfortable leaving our beautiful little girl in your caring, safe, and loving hands!
Please share this letter with her teachers and your staff as we would like them to know how grateful we are for all you have done for our family!
Most gratefully,
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Meier






I am a new MOM with many questions and concerns. The staff has made efforts to accommodate my family's needs. The facility is SPOTLESS and well ORGANIZED. My daughter simply ADORES her teacher and looks forward to coming to school everyday. I am thankful that my daughter and her teacher formed a special bond. I would like to thank her teacher for being a second "Mom". My daughter comes home with beautiful art projects that decorate my office. As a parent,your child's happiness is your primary concern. I feel that my daughter is happy and safe when she is at school. In fact, there have been several occations that I attempted to pick her up early and she was not ready to leave. I appreciate the fact that the director brings "outside" activities to the facility.(ie: Lisa La La, Rizo the Lizard Man, Grandma's Kitchen and Dance Classes) I am thankful to have found this school as there are many child care learning centers in the area. R & R is by far the BEST!


Amaris's Mom




Dear Parent:


I am writing this letter to share with you our wonderful experience with Rhymes & Reasons Daycare. As of 4 months of age, my daughter Ava had been taken care of by her grandmother. Please note taken care of = spoiled rotten.


So as she approached 2 ½ , my husband and I decided to put her in a daycare center to improve her social skills, give her more structure, and provide an educational environment. We researched several centers in the local area and decided on Rhymes & Reasons. We knew it was not going to be an easy transition and we were right. The first couple of weeks were difficult as Ava cried and cried when I dropped her off. This was torture for me. Our morning routines started with “ I don’t want to go to school”. However, when we would peak in right before pick up, Ava was playing and laughing. So I knew she liked it.


Fortunately, the teachers helped us all get adjusted, and gave us great suggestions to soothe the drop off situation. Now our mornings consist of “I want to go to school now” ( including on the weekends) .


In the few months Ava has been there her vocabulary has significantly increased. She is even more outgoing and comes home with great stories of her fun school day.


I am very grateful to the staff of Rhymes & Reasons for helping all of us during this transition. I would highly recommend this center for any parent looking for a warm, caring, environment for their child.


Kind Regards,



Lina Cantillo





Miss Marisa , Director

Rhymes and Reasons

687 Larch Avenue

Teaneck, NJ 07666-2301


Re: Shawn


Dear Marisa:

Your facility and staff has impacted not only my child’s life but mine as well. When

Shawn first arrived to Rhymes & Reasons at age 3, he had difficulty speaking, interacting with

other children, and refused to eat on his own. I was told by doctors that Shawn needed to work

on his speech and suggested that I should consult with a speech therapist. Needless to say, I had

great concerns as a parent.

Shawn’s first couple of weeks at Rhymes & Reasons was tough for both us. Shawn

didn’t want me to leave his side when I dropped him off in the morning, and I didn’t want to

drive away from my parking spot. Each day it became easier for both of us. Eventually, it

became a routine. Shawn has learned that I don’t need to be by his side 24 hours to feel safe and

comfortable, and I’ve learned to be away from my son for a few hours without having a fear that

something may happen to him if I’m not around.

Your teachers at Rhymes & Reasons genuinely care about the well being of each child.

That means a great deal to me. They’ve gained my trust within one month of Shawn’s

attendance. He constantly talks about his teachers, his friends at school, and what he learned that

day. He is not afraid to interact with other kids and is encouraged by your staff to eat on his


This fall, Shawn will be attending E. Roy Bixby Elementary School. I recently brought

Shawn for a placement evaluation at E. Roy Bixby. The evaluator was very impressed with

Shawn. I was told that Shawn follows directions very well, is able to have conversations, is able

to identify letters of the alphabet as well as numbers, and is able to connect numbers with figures

in a diagram.

Shawn constantly amazes me. I find myself loss for words when I think back one year

ago. I am proud to say that Shawn went to Rhymes & Reasons, and cannot thank you and your

staff enough for being a part of our lives.


Soheyla Sharifbeigi



Hi Miss Marissa -

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with your educational center for
our daughters Esa and Tia and that I would welcome the opportunity to be a reference for
Rhymes and Reasons. 

If you recall, we came to your center this past February 2010
to see what your center could offer our daughters and ultimately we decided to register
them.  The girls are very happy there and look forward to school every day.  The teachers
have worked with both girls to help them transition into their new classes.  The teachers,
as well as you and Miss Jill have kept us informed of the girls status and any concerns
that needed to be addressed. 

I am impressed with the staff, as well as how professional the center is run and how
organized you and Miss Jill are as Director and Assistant Director.  You are both
very easy to talk to, good listeners and show that you truly care about the children's
 well being, as well as their academic development.

I believe the girls will continue to flourish in your center and I look forward to a
successful 2010/2011 year for both girls.

Thanks for everything.

Joanne Gadson


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