It may be that the benefits of investing in childcare and pre-school learning could be greater than investment in education at later ages, given that a significant part of cognitive and non-cognitive skills development occurs before children start school.
David Armstrong (co-author) (August 2003) Universal Childcare Provision in the UK - Towards a Cost-benefit Analysis, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Rhymes & Reasons has a full camera system and an extensive emergency plan. Every staff member is certified in CPR and First aid. There is always a direct supervisor on site working closely with families and staff. We communicate with our families throughout the day. Your child will enjoy hands on experiences and extracurricular classes taught by specialized staff during our operating hours. Zumba, Yoga, Music, Soccer, Gymnastic, Ballet, Kung Fu, computers, and piano just to name a few! We are a superior program that has served the Teaneck and surrounding areas since 1982.

The Creative Curriculum

Rhymes & Reasons Preschool uses The Creative Curriculum as a foundation for learning. The Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated...
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Discipline Policy

At our facility we try and shy away from “time out”. We instead teach the children how to work out problems on their own. Our goal is to prepare the children for the future.